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Cuisine of the country

Ukrainian culinary traditionsl is quite complex and diverse. While at the crossroads of trade routes, the country has "absorbed" the traditions of many peoples, bringing in a lot of original dishes and recipes. Most dishes are very multi-component and use sophisticated cooking techniques, often with several treatments. Vegetables, dough and meat dairy products are widely used in all products. The characteristic feature - frying is carried out mainly on animal fat (lard), and meat dishes are often accompanied by rather unexpected combinations of components, which gives them a special "Ukrainian" taste. In Crimea, national Tatars cuisine is widely presented.

The business card of the country - Ukrainian borsch (more than 100 species - Poltava, Volynsky, Chernihiv, Galitsky, Lviv, village, Dniper, green, etc.) with pampushki. In borsch, depending on the formulation, goes from 15 to 30 components, and besides, each cook also mixes them in unique proportion and seasoned with different spices.

Pork, beef and poultry in fried and stewed form are widely used from meat products. Such dishes as various cutlets (in Kuiv, Poltava, kozak, Bukovinsky, etc.) are popular., Roast or "liver" (home, Crimean, steppe, etc.), bits  (in Ukrainian, from a rabbit, etc.), garlic stuffed and fat boiled pork, pork, mutton, stewed with prunes, a goose, stewed with cabbage and fat, with apples, chicken kruchenik with a mushroom stuffing, chicken stewed with dumplings, a shish kebab, pork brisket with shpundr beet, sichenik, zavivanets, stuffed cabbage, the stuffed bird.

Also fish dishes - a herring in a Kyiv way are not less popular, the crucian baked in sour cream, a pike, stewed with horse-radish, stuffed with mushrooms and buckwheat cereal the carp stewed with onions or in sour cream a carp, a carp in an Uzhhorod way, a carp with honey baked with mushrooms and crayfish a pike perch ram with honey, fish kruchenik, a stewed pollock in sauce, etc.

Another business card of the country - a variety of vareniki with filling from curd, potatoes, stewed cabbages, and in summer - from berries, consumed traditionally with sour cream and other milc component products.

Sweet dishes and pastries of Ukraine are also very original - a variety of sweet pies, puffins, corjics, apple sololeniki, pampuhi and cookies. The country 's soft drinks are good - kvass, kysil, muselets, famous uzvar (a kind of compote) and honey. In Crimea and Carpathians produce many varieties of first-class wines ("Muscat," Serdolik Tavrida, "Sersial," Tokai, "Massandra," Alminsky, "Sherry," Madera, "Yalta," Lastochkino nest, "etc.) from Massandra.