Odesa Jewish Heritage History Tour from €15
Odesa Jewish Heritage History Tour from €15, 112

Live guide:  English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian

Duration: 2,5 hours

Private bus tour

On this fascinating private tour, you will discover many interesting facts about the history of the Jewish community in Odessa. Being a cosmopolitan city and a big port on the Black Sea, Odessa has always been city of various nations, including Greeks, Russians, and Italians etc. However, the Jewish community occupies special place in the city life.

During this tour, you will:

Uncover the history of the first Jews in Odessa

Hear about the growth of the community in the beginning of XX century

Explore the cultural Jewish heritage in Odessa

Learn about tragic events of pogrom in 1905 and Holocaust

Visit the main Synagogue and other important landmarks of the Jewish community

Hear about famous people who lives in Odessa

The Jewish Odessa Tour in English,Russian, German,Italian,Spanish,French (price in Euro per person)

1 person – € 120

2 persons – € 70

3-6 persons – € 40

7-10 persons – € 15

Included highlights:

professional guide service,

transportation services along the route,

pick up service from the hotel