Day trip to Vilkovo – Ukrainian Venice from 45 Euro
Day trip to Vilkovo – Ukrainian Venice from 45 Euro, 112


Duration: 14 hours

Dates: from May till September

Take an exclusive  tour to discover a hidden gem of Ukraine, the city of Vilkovo, and get acquainted with local people, their way of living, culture, and culinary traditions. Visit a unique Danube Biosphere  Reserve where time stops and only peace, beauty, and nature does matter.

During the trip you will:

Have a sightseeing tour around the city and visit its main attractions

Discover the history of Vilkovo and learn more about the first settler

Travel to “0 km” of the Danube River where it flows into the Black Sea.

Enjoy the beauty of the unique Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve

Find out more about the everyday life of Vilkovo’s fishermen and try mouthwatering local food and wine

Small-group Day trip to Vilkovo – Ukrainian Venice (price in Euro per person)

1 person – € 300

2 persons – € 150

3-6 persons – € 140

7-10 persons – € 45